Imagine a spray painting system that eliminates excess overspray, turbulence and bounce-back. A system that applies material to your parts, not your spray booth, through controlled atomization.

AIRMIX ® virtually eliminates the wasted coatings clogging your spray booth filtration system and collecting into your conveyor.

AIRMIX ® is made for industrial users who require a world class finish and demand high application transfer efficiency.

With AIRMIX ® , atomization air is blended with the fluid at the locus of atomization, which delivers a very controlled balanced spray that produces a uniform build. With other medium pressure systems, such as air-assisted airless, air injected directly into or beyond the locus ofatomization creates excessive turbulance, overspray, coarse particles and a very uneven film build requiring additional finishing steps.



AIRMIX ® eliminates more than 80% of overspray, reduces product consumption by nearly 35% and delivers a superb quality finish. The real attraction of AIRMIX ® is its very low paint velocity of 2ft/s. This figure can be compared to 30ft/s and 4ft/s for conventional and airless guns respectively. Users of AIRMIX ® achieve the highest transfer efficiency available. Paint velocity has a direct impact on performence: the higher the velocity, the greater the amount of overspray and bounceback, which combine to quickly pollute the booth. The particle speed with AIRMIX ® is much lower than all other systems. AIRMIX ® uses less air for atomization air than any other spray system. AIRMIX ® works well with smaller air compressors, lower production air pressures and lower compressed air volumes. Thisgenerates major savings in compressed air cost and reduces air compressor maintenance.