KMP3 Round Fan

KMV 3 round fan spray-gun: swirling fan for greatest attractive effect. Ideal for all unconventionallly shaped parts such as tubes, framework, chassis and tables.

KMP3 Flat Fan

KMP 3 flat fan for great finish and an adjustable fan width. Ideal for all parts requiring an excellent visual finish while guaranteering perfect uniformity of the coating on edges: industrial metalwork, accessories or office furniture.


-built in HT generator, (low voltage cable)

-voltage adjuster with integrated safety circuit

-ergonomically designed and very light

-fed by STD 9 power supply, with displays and control knobs

-K3 electrostatic spray guns are very quickly and easily serviced, as they contain few components. It comes delivered in a carry-case with its accessories, a gun shroud and the detailed technical information required for its operation.