Automatic Gun Washers




– UP to 33 high pressure, spray jets to blast away debris from top, bottom and sides of parts.

– Staggered jet formation for maximum coverage and scrubbing performence.

– Stainless steel tank with parts support rack accommodates a wide range os accessories and mesh basket handles small parts.

– Powerful air operated pump delivers aqueous or solvent solutions from container stored in cabinet under tank and manual timer control provides optimum time to clean or degrease parts.

– Safety lid switch automatically stops cleaning process when lid is lifted.

– Filter pad, mesh support screen and concave floor drain filters solids and helps liquids return to the solvent container for easy disposal.

– Requires 75 t0 80 psi (2.0 CFM) air supply for optimum performence.

– All units are warranted for 12 months or 18 months if extended warranty card is returned.

– Quick coupling connector and fluid shut-off valve for clean, easy solvent or aqueous solution removal and replacement.

– Three models to choose from.